Monday, January 16, 2006

The Incredible, Edible Egg

Someone suggested yesterday's image was a doll's eye... well anyone who's ever been a boy knows that they aren't dolls, they're action figures. Specifically, my old Obi Wan Kenobi action figure.

Today I thought I'd feature some more food, in this case, I've gone inside and out everyone's favorite chicken excretion, the egg.

Eggshell 200x

Egg skin at 200x

Egg white at 200x

Egg yolk at 60x

Today's mystery image at 200x. (Hint: Not an egg.)


Blogger Ike said...

Perhaps part of old Abe on a copper penny?

7:48 PM  
Blogger eyal said...


9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallo! ;)
wow... what crazy comments!
what do you think about it?

3:34 PM  

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