Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Big Lots $10 Challenge Part 1

So, the trip to big lots went well. Really well. Far better than I expected. In fact, I got so much stuff that I'm going to split it up over several days otherwise you'll all be overwhelmed. I made myself a rule when there that I would only buy things we would end up using so that limited my choices a little which made me not too optimistic, but I think you'll agree that the results are fantastic!

First up, for $1.99, a can filled with green tea in teabags. This provided several interesting images. I'm afraid I couldn't get one I was satisfied with of the can itself.

The tea was vaccuum-sealed in this foil package seen at 200x.

The teabag itself, like all paper, is actually just a collection of meshed-together fibers. 200x.

These layered boulders are actually the crushed and dried remains of the leaves we use to get the tea.

While we're on the subject of tea, these anise and green tea breath strips, one seen here at 60x, for $0.49 are basically just a liquid gel so there's not much to see.

Here is the requested potato chip at 200x. Edit: I forgot to mention, it is a Lay's classic potato chip (thanks to BioWizard who also pointed out that you are seeing the chip beneath a layer of glazed salt.) The bag was $0.99

No, it's not a Georgia O'Keefe painting, it's a cinnamon stick from a small bag of them for $0.79

For those keeping score, that's $4.26 so far.

Tune in tomorrow for wasteful packaging and cool crystals.


Anonymous vanessa said...

I must say that you are pretty cool..I'm a freshman in high school and I brought this up in my bio class...my teacher was the only one who seened interested...The other kids though i was weird...and they also this it is weird that I read boing boing where I got this link from...I dont care what they think...I think its awesome!

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